Portable Hanging Sneaker Bag For Travel and Storage With Clear Window

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  • 6" x 9" x 12"
  • Clips into your closet
  • Clips into other Black Boxes
  • Comes with a shoulder strap - Perfect for Sneaker Conventions
  • Clear front window - lets you see what sneakers are inside
  • Compatible with Flight Pack and all other Sneaker Duffles on the market
  • Can be compressed into a flat divider for Sneaker Duffle Bag
  • Two see-through mesh interior pockets - great for shoe cleaning supplies
  • Rear carry-on sleeve
  • Fits up to a pair of Size 13 sneakers.

Take your sneakers on the go with you easier than ever before with the best sneaker bag for travel, the Black Box. This portable sneaker luggage bag allows you to transport your favorite pair of sneakers comfortably and has functionality for storage and display at your home or final destination. When we set out to design the best sneaker shoe box bag for travel, we knew that we wanted to make it something completely functional and unique. In fact, our sneaker bag design is so revolutionary that it has a patent pending on it! We're proud to offer sneakerheads a sneaker travel and sneaker storage container that is multifunctional, modular, and easy to quickly take with you.  

8 Reasons Why The Black Box Is The Best Sneaker Travel Bag

The Black Box features clips and straps at the top that are used to clip the Black Box into your closet so it can hang and display your sneakers.

1) Clips into your closet hang rod

Whether you want to display your sneakers in your closet at home, or when you arrive at your final destination, now you can with the functional utility of the Black Box sneaker luggage bag. The sneaker travel bag features two clips on the top that allow the Black Box sneaker storage solution to safely be clipped into any horizontal closet hanging rod. Now, along with the see-through protective window on the front of the Black Box, you can organize and store your sneakers and quickly know where your kicks are at all times.

The clips on the bottom of the Black Box can be clipped into the clips on the top of another Black Box to daisy-chain them together

 2) Clips into other Black Boxes

When designing the Black Box sneaker shoe box travel bag, we knew that we wanted to develop a fully modular sneaker storage system that you could also take on the go with you. That's why we added a clipping system not only to the top of the Black Box sneaker bag but also to the bottom. This allows anybody who owns multiple Black Boxes to daisy-chain them together to form a hanging sneaker storage display right in their very own closet. The best part is, we put a separate zipper on the front of the Black Box that allows you to still access your sneakers even if you have a hanging display currently assembled.

The Black Box Sneaker Travel Bag comes with an optional shoulder strap that you can attach to the Black Box and turn it into a sneaker suitcase of sorts

3) Comes with optional shoulder strap

You're going to read it a million times in this list but our core focus when developing the Black Box sneaker travel bag was function. Functionality is the most important thing when it comes to any travel bag or storage system. The Black Box sneaker shoe box bag is no exception, we were really focussed in on how we could offer the sneaker lover, sneaker head, and even casual sneakerwearer the most functionality possible with one item. That's why we include an optional shoulder strap with every Black Box. We thought about all the countless guys and girls we see at sneaker conventions that walk around holding a shoe box in the air, trying to sell some kicks in the pit. We figured that with a shoulder strap, whether you're trying to sell some shoes or are walking through the air port, having a strap that clips into your black box and over your shoulder would help a lot.

The clear window on the front of the Black Box sneaker case is designed so that you're able to easily see inside the box and see what pair of shoes you have in their

4) Clear see-through window

On the front of the Black Box sneaker shoe box luggage case is a clear see-through window. We knew that anybody who is storing their sneakers in their closet while traveling, will want to be able to quickly see where their shoes are and access them so that they can rock them without any friction. The clear window on the Black Box allows for this so that when you clip them in your closet you can see all your kicks at a glance and know what you're trying to wear. The clear screen is also touch screen compatible so if you compress the Black Box, you can also use it as a protective tablet holder.

The Black Box sneaker travel bag has dimensions that are compatible with all sneaker duffle bags available on the market

5) Compatible with all sneaker duffles

We knew that all though we were going to design our own line of Sneaker Duffle Bags that there were also other sneaker duffle bags out there on the market. That's why, we designed the Black Box sneaker travel and storage shoe box bags to be completely compatible with both the Flight Pack Sneaker Duffle Bag and other ones on the market. Our sneaker duffel bag can fit up to 4 black boxes which means the hardcord sneaker head can easily travel and store 4 pairs of kicks with them on the go.

The inside of the Black Box sneaker shoe bag has two see-through mesh pockets that allow you to comfortably see the contents

6) Two mesh interior pockets

The interior of the Black Box sneaker protection, storage, and travel bag, are two see-through mesh pockets. These pockets are perfect for storing things like cleaning supplies or any other important sneaker accessories that the sneaker enthusiast / sneakerhead might need to take with him/her while out traveling the world. Pack your sneaker wipes, sneaker brushes, or sneaker cleaners with you on the go and have quick access in the same spot that you store and carry your favorite pairs of kicks.

On the back of the black box sneaker storage bag is a special carry-on sleeve that can be used to slide the Black Box on top of your rolling carry-ons handrails

7) Carry-on sleeve

Found on the back of the Black Box sneaker storage bag, is a special carry-on sleeve that is used for taking the Black Box sneaker shoe box bag and sliding it over your rolling carry-on's handrails. This just another way that you can comfortably take your sneakers with you on the go, even if you don't own a sneaker duffel bag, simply take your sneakers, secure them on the inside of the Black Box, slide it over the hand rails of your carry-on and you're on your way. Just one less thing to carry.
The Black Box sneaker storage bag can fit up to a size 13 sneaker

 8) Fits up to a Size 13

The Black Box shoe storage and travel bag can comfortably fit up to a Size 13 sneaker. Don't worry we're working on a version that'll accomodate bigger sizes eventually! 

Sneakers not included in purchase. Only used for colorway comparison. Please note, this item is designed to match, carry, or protect the sneaker(s) and is in no way affiliated with: Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, Kanye West, or any other wholesaler / retailer for the sneaker that our product is designed to match, store, or protect.