Camera Travel Bag / Cap Carrier with Custom Dividers and Glasses Case

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  • 6" x 9" x 12"
  • Customizable interior dividers
  • Extra padding included - for shock absorption and protection
  • Easy-access charger and headphone port
  • Rear carry-on sleeve
  • Interior see-through mesh pocket
  • Tripod mount capability
  • Clips into your closet- for storage
  • Clips into other Black Boxes - organize all your camera gear in one spot
  • Transforms into a cap carrier that holds up to 7 caps (for the headwear connoisseur)
  • Comes with a protective sunglasses case

This camera travel bag is one of the best camera bags out there by far, and we're not just saying that because we designed it (wink, wink). When we set out to create our own version of a travel case for cameras that content creators, pro photographers, and amateur YouTubers could enjoy, there was one word that was in focus more than anything, functionality. We asked ourselves an important question, how can we create a small camera bag, that has TONS of flexibility? That is how Black Box: Media was born. We took the amazing design from our Black Box sneaker travel and storage solution and modified it to work for camera gear, camera lenses, and other high-tech valuable gadgets like drones, DSLR cameras, and really, whatever you need to take along with you. 

10 Reasons Why The Black Box Media Is The Best Camera Travel Bag

Customize your camera bag with our fully customizable interior dividers on the black box media, can configure into any set up that you prefer or even into a cap carrier that holds up to 7 hats.1) Customizable Dividers

When we were designing this camera bag, it was very important for us that the user had plenty of flexibility throughout using it. The main way we were able to achieve this is through the use of customizable dividers on the interior of our camera case. These thick padded interior dividers can be arranged in almost any configuration that best suits your needs. The dividers are completely removable as well so that with the help of the included sunglasses case, you can turn your travel camera bag into a cap carrier for all of your favorite hats. The possibilities are really limitless.

The extra padding added to the dividers and inner lining of the Black Box Media will ensure that your valuable equipment, camera gear, and lenses stay secure while you're out and about with this camera bag.

2) Extra Padding For Shock Absorption

Just as important as the flexibility and portability, is the level of protection that this travel camera bag offers. When designing the Black Box Media we wanted to make sure any camera lenses, cameras, drones, or other high-tech gadgets stay safe. The thick padded dividers and interior will cushion any potential shock or movement that your gear experiences while you're traveling or moving around. The extra padding combined with the tight closure on the Black Box will ensure your items stay secure.

On the interior flap of the Black Box Media, you'll find a see-through mesh pocket that features a charger/headphone cable port 3) Easy-Access Charger and Headphone Port

Continuing with our theme of convenience and functionality, we wanted to make sure there was the ability to quickly and access cables from within the bag on the exterior, whether those cables are from your headphones or chargers. The cable port will allow you to store your portable charger on the interior pocket of the Black Box Media and feed through a charging cable out the port and make it easy to charge your devices without friction.

On the back of the Black Box Media camera bag is a sleeve designed to slide on top of your carry-on hand rails so that you don't have to carry anything extra while traveling4) Rear Carry-On Sleeve

 Nothing's worse than having too many things to carry while you're on the go, walking through an airport, or just traveling in general. Thanks to this super convenient sleeve, found on the back of the Black Box Media Camera Bag, you'll be able to safely slide your Media Box on top of your rolling carry-on luggage and take all your essential content creation items with you while you're shuffling through the airport or to your final destination.

The see-through inner mesh pocket is spacious enough to fit important items like back up batteries, charging cables , sd cards, or whatever other accessory items you need when operating your gear5) Interior See-Through Mesh Pocket

Pockets are an incredibly important part of any bag design. When we were crafting the Black Box Media as a functional camera bag for storage and travel, we knew those content creators, videographers, and photographers alike, that are completely overburdened by the number of back-up batteries, extra charger cables, SD cards, camera straps, and other accessory items that anybody working with camera equipment has come to dread lugging around. The see-through mesh pocket that we've incorporated in the Black Box Media makes it easy for you to see what you have with you, without the need to dig around for hours. As an added bonus, we've included a charger cable port that allows easy access when you need to grab a little extra juice from your portable charger.

The clips found on both the top and bottom of the Media Box can function as a handy tripod mount, simply compress your tripod into the smallest form possible, clip it in, and tighten the straps.

6) Tripod Mount Capability

While not every content creator, photographer, video-editor, YouTuber, etc. uses a tripod, we've found that the clips found at the top and bottom of the Black Box Media travel case for the camera can function as a tripod holder. All you have to do is simply compress your tripod place it either on the top or bottom of the Black Box Media, clip it in, and tighten the straps. Now you can take your tripod with the rest of your camera equipment without friction.

The clips found on the top of the Black Box Media camera bag are designed to clip into your closet rod.

7) Clips into your closet for storage

Once you get to your destination, it's often a hassle of organizing your camera equipment once you arrive, especially if you are staying at a hotel or rental. Thanks to the intelligent design of the Black Box Media travel camera bag, you can clip the top clips directly into the horizontal rod found in your closet and now you have a secure place to keep the important equipment that is easy to take with you when you head on your way.

The Black Box Media Camera Bag was designed to clip into other other Black Boxes, making it a truly modular camera bag storage solution

8) Clips into other Black Boxes

When we were designing the Black Box camera storage solution, we took a lot of inspiration from our existing Black Box sneaker storage and travel solution. The best part about the design of this small camera bag is that it is an incredibly modular system. This means that the Black Box Media can clip into other Black Box Media bags or even Black Box sneaker bags. The clips are designed in such a way that they hang straight and take up the least amount of space possible. Simply clip the bottom clips into the top portion of the next Black Box, and tighten the straps and you have a portable storage solution for your camera gear that can be multi-leveled if you so choose.

The Black Box Media is designed for flexibility, one added bonus of the design for the Black Box Media camera gear bag is the ability to convert into a cap carrier with the use of the half-dome shaped structured sunglasses case

9) Transforms into a cap carrier

When we designed the Black Box Media, we wanted it to be more than a camera bag. While content creation and portability for creators were at the central focus of our design process for the Black Box Media camera bag. But we still wanted to give even more value to anybody who chose to pick one up. That's why we included a structured sunglasses protector with the Black Box Media camera bag that can convert the camera bag into a portable cap carrier that can fit up to 7 of your favorite caps. This was a subtle nod of appreciation to the headwear connoisseurs who also happen to be content creators.

The half dome sunglasses case included with the Black Box Media functions as a form-holder for hats if the Black Box is converted into a cap carrier.10) Comes with a protective sunglasses case

As mentioned above, every purchase of a Black Box Media camera bag comes with a half-dome sunglasses case. This sunglasses case can be used to take your sunglasses with you on the go or if you choose to convert your Black Box Media into a cap carrier, you can also use it to support your hats from the rear.

Sneakers not included in purchase. Only used for colorway comparison. Please note, this item is designed to match, carry, or protect the sneaker(s) and is in no way affiliated with: Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, Kanye West, or any other wholesaler / retailer for the sneaker that our product is designed to match, store, or protect.