The Ultimate Way To Travel With Your Sneakers



Why Should You Purchase the Sneaker Duffle Bag?


The Bred 11 Shoe Inspired Sneaker Duffle is the number one way to travel with your sneakers. With tons of details and amazing features, the Sneaker Duffle Bag is an amazing way to travel without creasing, damaging, or even discoloring your sneakers. Read the rest of the article to get all of the amazing details on this Bred 11 Shoe Inspired Sneaker Duffle.

What makes the outside of the bag so special?

The entire outside of the bag is meant to match the Jordan Bred 11s. The Bred 11s are our favorite shoe here at Sneaker Duffle, so we wanted to make a perfect bag for that. The outside of the bag has patent leather shots on the handles and other parts of the bag to match the iconic patent leather features on the Bred 11. The handles on the bag are attached to metal ring hardware that insures that the strap will not come off. On the bottom of the Sneaker Duffle there are 4 extra grip paddings to ensure extra safety for your sneakers inside of the bag. The sneaker duffle bag has a high grade metal hardware zipper to open and close the bag to ensure your sneakers are nice and safe while traveling. 

Also on the outside of the bag are full length pockets, meaning the size of them are the entire length of the bag to five you maximum storage space. The pocket on the front is closed with a high grade metal hardware zipper, while the two on the side are closed with hooks and loops.

What are some of the details on the inside of the Sneaker Duffle Bag?

To start, the inside of this Jordan 11 Sneaker Duffle has many advantages over any other sneaker duffle. As soon as you open the bag, the underside of the lid has two different storage options, both closed by high grade metal zippers. These storage options are great for little items you want to travel with such as your phone charger, headphones, or even sneaker accessories like sneaker deodorizers or sneaker crease protectors. The underside of the lid also has a cord port meant for portable chargers or headphones, so you can still access them while they are stored in your safe zipper pocket.

The inside of the Sneaker Bag has a pocket big enough to hold a 15” laptop, which makes it perfect for any form of travel. You could also use this pocket to fit other things such as paperwork or any else you need. The laptop pocket is padded to ensure whatever you have stored there is kept in pristine condition, so there is no worrying about damage while traveling. On the opposite side of the laptop pocket are two additional padded pockets perfect for storing anything you need in a safe manner. 

All of the inside pockets of this bag have hex nylon padding to give this Sneaker Duffel a clean look that goes perfectly with any sneaker.

Do not be like this guy, read more about the sneaker duffel to find out why it is the best option for keeping your Jordans safe.

The inside of the Sneaker Duffel is designed to keep any of your shoes in top condition. With tons of inside padding and no room for your shoes to move around, your shoe is the safest when it is inside our Sneaker Matching Sneaker Duffle. When putting your Jordans in this sneaker duffle, you do not just put them directly into the bag, we have designed the perfect way to keep them secure in this sneaker duffel bag.

The Black Box is the best way to keep your shoes safe.

These Black Boxes for the sneaker duffle are the perfect way of keeping your shoes safe and the inside of your bag nice and clean. The Black Box is designed perfectly to fit your sneakers inside of it and for keeping inside of the duffle. You put your sneakers safely inside of the blac box, then you are able to put it right into the duffle. The sneaker duffle can fit up to 4 black boxes, making it perfect for bringing many different sneakers you could need. The Black Boxes are kept in the sneaker duffle with hook and loops to ensure your sneakers do not move around while inside of the bag.

What are some of the features that the Black Box has to make sure my shoes are safe?

The inside of the black box has many features for convenience and safety. First off, the inside of this Black Box has two mesh pockets perfect for storing anything other than shoes on the inside of this Black Box. In the mesh pockets you can include accessories for your shoes such as sneaker wipes or crease protectors, while also having your shoes in the same black box. After you put what you want in the pockets, you zip up the lid and your shoes are displayed through a clear plastic window perfect for showing off your sneakers. The outside of the Black Box has a handle to easily maneuver your Black Box with ease. Using these Black Boxes inside of the Sneaker Duffle is perfect for keeping your dirty shoes away from the rest of the items you are carrying inside of the sneaker duffle. 

Say you do not want to travel with all of your sneakers, but you want to still get use of the black box. You are able to compress the sneaker duffle down to make it flat and you can use that as a divider in your bag, to keep anything you want separated.

The back side of the Black Box has a sleeve that is perfect to slip on the handle of your carry on if you just wanted to travel with one pair of sneakers and not the whole sneaker duffle bag. This gives you much more flexibility with our product than any other bag on the market.

The top and bottom side of the black box have clips so you can clip stuff on the top of your black box for just even more storage options.

What is the best way to show off my sneakers?

If you are more into showing off your sneakers, then the Black Box is the perfect way to do that as well. The Black Box comes with a shoulder strap that you can attach to it and put around your shoulder to show off your sneakers at sneaker conventions or wherever you want to show them off at. These Black Boxes are also stackable. What I mean by that is you can use the clips on both sides of the Black Box to attach them to each other. Having this feature, you can hang your sneaker duffles up in your closet and have them on display. This is also a way to remove clutter from your living space, by taking your shoes off the floor you will have more space for other things other than your sneakers.

How can I be sure that I can travel with this bag? Is this sneaker bag TSA approved?

When designing this sneaker duffle and black box, we made sure that this bag met TSA guidelines. This will ensure that you can travel with this Sneaker Duffle with no problem and to make sure you will not lose your sneakers while traveling. Everything about this bag will ensure your sneaker will reach your next destination with ease and no hiccups.